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Explore comprehensive resource documentation for in-depth guidance and best practices in DevOps and software development. Elevate your skills by diving into this treasure trove of knowledge.

Tutorial: Using an Amazon S3 trigger to invoke a Lambda function

In this tutorial, you use the console to create a Lambda function and configure a trigger for an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. Every time that you add an object to your Amazon S3 bucket, your function runs and outputs the object type to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Understanding Database Types

It is crucial for us to understand the differences between these options and how to select the ones that best align with our project’s requirements. A complex application usually uses several different databases, each catering to a specific aspect of the application’s needs.

Microservices: Designing Highly Scalable Systems

The goal of this article it to equip you with all the knowledge required to design a robust, highly scalable micro services architecture.

Deployment vs. StatefulSet for stateful applications

Our application consists of multiple stateless microservices and a set of legacy applications used mostly as various kinds of data storage. Not reading the documentation properly, I’ve automatically expected to use Deployment for stateless services and StatefulSet for stateful applications. And boy, was I wrong.

Dockerizing Your Node.js Application

Learn all about Dockerizing your Node application in this short but sweet step-by-step tutorial with code blocks. Try it today!

Managing Secrets in Your DevOps Pipeline 

This article will discuss best practices for secrets management in the context of continuous integration delivery workflow.

Learn How to Setup a CI/CD Pipeline from Scratch

In this tutorial, we will take an example of a Go application and setup a CI/CD pipeline.

Why Businesses Today Should Adopt Node.js for Microservices

Businesses today choose microservices over monolithic architecture. Read about the benefits and challenges of real-world application development on microservices using Node.js.

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